Chattanooga Rail Gaming Challenge 18xx Grand Prix Tournament Scores

The official Tournament Scores for the 18xx Grand Prix at the 2018 Chattanooga Rail Gaming Challenge can be found by following this link.

Click Here spreadsheet

With this link, you can view the Tournament Scores at anytime, and you will be able to see the standings updated in real time as the Tournament Director or Assistants add scores into the spreadsheet.

Tab Explanations:

  • Current Rankings – Overall tournament standings.
  • CRGC 2018 Game Results – Game scores are entered here.
  • Highest Score by Title – Pivot Table created to identify player’s highest scores for each unique title they’ve played.
    • In this tab the spreadsheet will also add each player’s 4 highest scores in unique titles.
    • This tab also adds in the bonus points for the 2 featured games, 18CZ and 18GB.
    • The above scores and bonus points are added to determine a players tournament score.
    • This tab also shows the tie breakers of  the 5th, 6th, etc. highest score in unique titles in the unlikely event a tie breaker is needed.
  • Titles Played by Player – Pivot Table created to count show how many times each player has played a title.
  • Play Count by Title – Pivot Table to show how many times a specific title was played.

I look forward to seeing everyone this year at the Chattanooga Rail Gaming Challenge.

Play Well. Play Smart.

~Clayton McMahon
Tournament Director

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