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It’s not “Your” Company

  It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a heavy pounding on the door resonated throughout the victorian mansion. Sharky von Baron bolted upright in bed and called to his butler to send this unwelcome guest away and back

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5 Ways Tokening Can Improve Your Game

Stations. Tokens. These terms are often interchangeable in a game to mean the discs placed in a city to represent a company’s presence there in that city. Often in a game we get preoccupied with building a route, making sure we can get a permanent train, or waiting for the bank to run out of money that we forget to consider how to best use a company’s tokens.

In 18XX, tokening serves 5 basic purposes, which I will be discussing in this post.

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Why I Enjoy Playing 18XX Games

I’ve been playing strategy board games for about 5 years now. My gateway game into the genre was Dominion. I still play it occasionally; in fact, I played Dominion tonight at my local game night. After a game or two

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How to Describe 18XX Games to Non-gamers

I’ve been able to come up with a short way to describe the game without going into the details of its mechanics.

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